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We Design And Develop The Right Digital Product for Your Business with Multidisciplinary Team and Rapidly Building Your Product

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Startup Studio

Lean Node startup studio leads the way when it comes to digital innovation by creating exciting startups in partnership with top-notch market leaders and entrepreneurs. The studio offers a variety of services including a comprehensive six months program focused on helping entrepreneurs, and companies create outstanding products from an idea to a business ready for scale.

Startup Studio


Lean Node has a great network of investors and partnerships, so whether you’re a Venture Capital or an Angel Investor we welcome you to be part of our network where we offer a constant ready for investment deal flow in a variety of sectors. The goal for you as an investor is not to worry about a startup's readiness in terms of legal setup, a working business model, or technical issues that limit scalability. Our startups are ready for investment and scale.


Multidisciplinary Team

Our team speaks business and engineering, we understand business needs, startups, and users, we know the struggle and we are here to help, build, support, and beyond

Rapidly build your product

We take your raw idea, break it down, understand it, and validate it with the targeted users. We use agile methodologies to move fast and collect actionable feedback so you focus on the right things

Your Digital Partner

Website and Applications are consistently evolving and not a one-time ship. We partner with clients to serve them long and be part of their success story

Create a deeper understanding

We care a lot about our users’ experience, our design team uses top-notch design practices to understand and attack the problem to find innovative solutions

Our Process

This how we streamline Our workflow

Ideate & Validate

We use Design Sprints methodology developed by Google Venture to rapidly validate that we are building the right set of features for the product so you don’t waste time and money.

Design & Prototype

Before starting to build the real product, we produce sketches, mockups, and wireframes to test cheaply and understand quickly. This allows us to move to a successful solution faster


Our team of Senior Developers and Designers will take the set of prioritized features and start coding the Back-end and Front-end, we use a range of technologies like React, React Native, Angular, Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, and WordPress.

Test & Assess

Testing the software is a critical part of the development cycle, we believe there is always room for improvement and making sure the product is working in an optimal way.

Deploy & Analyze

It\’s time to show the world your idea and let real users experience your product through their laptops and phones

Scale & Support

Developing and maintaining the product is one thing, scaling and reaching new users and market is a different thing. At this step we are always thinking about reaching new targeted users, scaling our infrastructure to meet users’ demands, looking for investment opportunities and many more.


The services we provide with perfection

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