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Effective Strategies To Retarget Your Audience

Muhannad Allazzam

Muhannad Allazzam

  • August 30, 2022
  • 5 min read
Effective Strategies To Retarget Your Audience

Effective Strategies To Retarget Your Audience

effective strategies by muhannad allazzam

Customer journeys in the website or app go through several stations could lead to the audience drop-off in one of them, sometimes it’s possible to know the reason, and sometimes not.

My name is Muhannad Allazzam, marketing specialist helping our startups effectively target and retarget potential customers with relevant content. So let’s talk about retargeting and the strategies that help to retarget the audience and possession of the biggest number of them.


Retargeting is a strategy for the website or app owner to allow trucking users during or after they finish their journey.

This strategy is important for every marketer to deliver the right message to the right audience and that depends on many factors such as the user behavior on the website, time session on each page, interaction with items, and others.

Also, effective retargeting could be a cause for brand awareness, increase the click through rate (CTR), 

Most people when they aim to increase sales, they don’t consider retargeting the current customer base. Retargeting existing customers is much easier because you already have their data and you just need to write the right message that fits this audience there for, less cost as they already went through the funnel compared to new potential customers who will need to go through the entire funnel and risk the conversion with drop-offs. 

Different Retargeting Tactics

There are many ways to retarget the audience, depending on the nature of the product or services and the behavior of the users. So, one way could be more useful than the others.    

Collecting data

Every business needs to build a database and use it for customer acquisition, making customers register on a website or app gives the owner ability to use the data (phone number, email address) in favor of, sharing the last update and discount offers for the store for example.


adding a pop-up or empty fields  on the website to fill it with visitors’ email addresses and write content for them including news, blogs, offers and others, will help your business earn good exposure.


Imagine that your ad tracks the visitor outside of your website or app! Pixel technology in the paid ads platforms such as Snapchat ads Pixel, Meta ads (Facebook), and Google’s Global Tag can link with the website to follow the visitor who may be interested in the product, but unfortunately, this technology targets a small number of visitors but necessary.

First Party Data platforms

As most marketers know, data is very important in this day and also in the future but, Many blockers are facing them to get it such as not allowing tracking by app users, skipping the registration, new apple policies, and others. So, to minimize this effect, some customer data platforms create a solution that collects data and gives you the ability to take action using First Party Data by integrating the app and the tool you use  that view every single action and insight and also creates a funnel to retarget each stage of the customer journey and hit them with more personalized content based on which stage they’re in.


After every campaign, a big number of potential customers click to find out more about the product or services depending on the marketing message, as a marketer you have to manage this traffic by using a funnel which is a simulation of the visitor journey aim to retarget them in each step and switch from potential customers to a loyal one. Briefly, let’s take an example, the funnel starts from traffic sources could be paid or organic leads, the part of leads may have interest in a product or service, so they supposed to download the app or visit the website, this part is the Acquisition stage, then pushing the leads to fill the registration info and became a users is the second stage called Activation stage, after the users start to discover, learn and could be interested in one of the products but they didn’t take the action to purchase it, So marketer should retarget them by specific action to support the decision, for example, create a push notification for the app users including a discount code, this stage is called Revenuestage.

funnel for stages of your users

Effective Strategies To Retarget

when the users take the action to purchase, now the users are at the Retention stage, where we keep targeting them occasionally to repeat this stage over and over. And at the same time we encourage them to refer our products to other people which is called the Referral stage after saving the customer from switching to another competitor, and some tactics for referral could be a monthly offer, loyalty program, weekly reminder, etc. To recap, the revenue stage and the referral stage are similar in some areas.


It’s a tactic to increase the cart size by offering more value for customers, the best way to retarget the customer using cross-selling is that before purchasing the main product, suggest an extension item related to the product, that will increase the value in the customer experience. Let’s say you sell cable chargers, you can offer them a different product that might be of interest to them, in this case it might be a power bank.

Abandoned shopping cart 

An abandoned cart is a normal habit that exists in every e-commerce because the customer sometimes wants to discover,compare or they even forget about it but the issue exists when the number of these carts increases. So, to minimize this issue marketers have to retarget the users to complete the purchase by finding the reason for drop-off, it’s hard to know the main reason but sending a push notification, email, SMS and many other ways with different promotion messages in different timing will help to make the mission easier, and to make it clear this is an example a tactic to retarget the users in this issue, the user could make a purchase decision after any of this actions, when the user leaves the cart for a specific while, send a reminding after one day, another reminding after one week, discount code after 2 weeks and survey after one month aim to know the real reason. And you can automate this process using a lot of tools.

All these tactics are for building and cleaning the database, choosing the right target, discovering your real brand, and spreading awareness so you keep your positioning at the top of the audience’s mind, and continue testing new things for your business to be up to date and keep growing.

That’s what the product department in Lean Node Startup Studio offers for their partners, the marketing and product teams work together to build a data strategy to increase the levels of efficiency and effectiveness of data we own, which will allow the founder to take decisions based on actual data and grow the startup to be a mythical creature 🙂 

A technical partner to be with every step of the way to success.


In conclusion: 

  • Introduction (strategies that help to retarget).
  • Retargeting is a strategy.
  • Collecting data.
  • Newsletter.
  • Pixel-Based.
  • First Party Data platforms.
  • Funnel ( Acquisition, activation, Retention, revenue and Referral )
  • Cross-selling .
  • Abandoned shopping cart 


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