The idea of Munjiz is a specialized site in printing services, offering all its services electronically, facilitating a fast delivery, which reduces a lot of effort and time with all skill and ability.

Munjiz had a unique experience with us where we first build the MVP and carefully establish strategic plans, and the technical advice that helped to reduce cost and release the project to the market fast.

The journey with Munjiz started with the initial drawings of the website, the prototype, then implementation of the web application considering the user journey and exercise in every step.

Munjiz team believes that the experience with Lean Node has accomplished great success with every version release. This success was achieved through clear, organized steps and agile development that helped Lean Node and Munjiz learn from the user’s feedback and polishing each version till the complete of Munjiz project in the most beautiful image.

Websites are passive unless lean methodology steps are realized in development, services and the transfers in the content of the sites.

Our experience with Munjiz has shown success and great results with the constant increase in sales since the release of the initial version. Munjiz now offers more than 60 printable product. In turn, sales have increased due to the diversity of the products and as a definite result of the software development chain, which makes the customer experience of the site successful and unique.

Our journey has not ended with our partner Munjiz; we remain on the road to continue on the path of growth, expansion, and support. We help them to deal with their users and offer their products in the most useful way.

Munjiz believes that the supportive and united team of Lean Node that is always seeking to serve all their partners with unique skill-sets, which played a huge part in Munjiz success.

At Lean Node, we are keen to master the delivery of our work, the satisfaction of our partners, to achieve excellence and uniqueness in all area of software development.

We are proud of Munjiz success, and we are proud to be part of it.