With the many tasks a person can handle as a part of a society that needs to work efficiently and effectively in everything it presents, it became harder to stand against the flow of rapid timing to achieve all his needs in a very complex and demanding environment.

To reduce time and effort, as well as the to provision of convenience and the provision of sophisticated and growing services in the era of technology and the Internet. Tly has become a pioneer in providing all the services required by the customers for services related to the provision of meat, packaging them and then delivered to the threshold of the house or any place desired.

Lean Node has worked really hard to turn Tly to reality through developing the App with all care to suit all users and correspond to their expectations.

While we were developing the app, we were keen to choose a simple, and creative design. The attractive simplicity to the customer’s eye is our goal from the first impression of the interfaces.

With Tly, we have achieved a strong step in bridging the gap between the market and the customer and achieving its goal with the lowest cost and shortest time. This was done by developing a user plan containing a number of service options provided in the application. The services have also exceeded the team’s ability to also providing their fast and suitable equipment for events and restaurants and not only for individuals.

To make it more convenient, Tly team is provided with the user’s exact location of delivery.

Tly have scaled to reach more cities in the kingdom to provide their services, and this is all because of the great ability of Tly’s team.

Tly is always keen to follow up with the feedback from customers after they use the app. In turn, our role at LeanNode is to analyze all the suggestions and the concerns that were raised. And this is all to accomplish the heights of achievement, creativity, and innovation to our partners.


Tly App